• How To Guide
  • How OFWs can avail the Enterprise Development and Loan Program from OWWA and DTI

    Overseas Filipino workers can avail up to 2 million pesos loan from DTI and OWWA to start their own business here in the Philippines.


    The Enterprise Development and Loan Program (EDLP) caters to repatriated OFWs affected by employment crisis abroad. EDLP is a joint program of DTI and OWWA which aims to provide OFWs the assistant they need to start anew.


    OFWs can get a minimum of P100,000 up to a maximum of 2 million pesos loan once the requirements presented passed the evaluations.


    Here are the steps to avail the loan program:


    STEP 1. Verification of OWWA Registration


    * For OFWs still outside the Philippines

     - Email the Welfare Officer of the Embassy that covers your country of work about the OFW Reintegration Program.

     - The Welfare Officer will verify your registration in OWWA as an OFW.

     - Upon verification, the Welfare Officer in the Embassy will refer  the OFW to an OWWA office in the Philippines 

     - Upon returning to the Philippines, the OFW must visit the OWWA office to get the certification

     - This certification will be presented to Landbank.

    * For OFWs already in the Philippines

     - Visit the nearest OWWA office to verify your eligibility to the program

     - If the OFW is eligible, a certification of membership will be issued, which will be presented to Landbank for assessment.

    STEP 2. Enterprise Development Training


     - An eligible OFW will be advised to personally attend the Enterprise Development Training (EDT) conducted by OWWA, DTI and Landbank

     - The OFW must present the certificate of attendance on the EDT to Landbank as part of the requirement.

    * The EDT will empower the OFW on how to manage a business. It will also be the best opportunity to ask questions about the business loan.

    STEP 3. Preparation of Business Pland and other requirements


    The OFW must prepare the business plan and other requirements of Lanbank

    * Processing requirements for the loan

     - OWWA certification that the borrower is a bonafide overseas worker and has completed EDT

     - A business plan on the specific projecy that will generate income for OFW and his/her family

     - With contract growing agreement, purchase order or service contract, if applicable

     - Certificatie of Registration with DTI

     - Bio-data of OFW applicant

     - Mayor's permit

     - Income tax return (last 3 years), if applicable

     - Financial statements (last 3 years, BIR-filed), if applicable

     - Latest Interim Financial Statement, if applicable

     - Statement of Assets and Liabilities

    STEP 4. Submission of Processing Requirements, Review and Inspection


     - Submit your business plan and other requirements to Landbank for review.

     - Inspectin of your business (if already existing) will  be done

    STEP 5. Approval of Loan


     - If approved, Landbank will release the fund to the OFW. 

    Other information:

    Eligible borrowers - Overseas Filipino workers certified and endorsed by OWWA to Landbank

    Eligible projects - Viable projects with confirmed market or Purchase Order (if any) that will generate net monthly income of at least P10,000.

    Eligible loan purposes - Working capital, Fixed asset acquisition

    Loanable amount - Minimum of P100,000 and maximum of P2,000,000

    Interest rate - 7.5% per annum fixed for the duration of the loan

    Loan repayment

    Short term loan - maximum of 1 year

    Term loan - based on cash flow but not to exceed 7 years inclusive of maximum of 2 years grace period on the principal